The general hyp…


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The general hypocrisy of man shines light on the dark you could never understand. The choice wasn’t hard for me properties or prophecies. I said fuck the corp world because I know what happened to worldcom nd enron Plus i already beat Monopoly …


Dear America


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I  see your open fields and plains thousands of acres of golden grain and corn set up the same houses, cities the chances for jewels and fame, lotto at 290 million and you can get a chance at only a dollar a game and surgery called plastic that can reshape your frame. chances for college scholars to rain, we stay up to date androids and iPods that ring where rags to riches  compared to other countries is such a common thing few dirt roads but even so we got planes that on hand that can zip a common man to any land, brought the tickets with what laid in the palm of his hand, communities set up with churches for spiritual interactions in such a place where its easy to find a church to worship in peace. Yet these gated communities are asleep while the devils feast dwelling in their structure they hide behind the light from the luster. Her dress and heels pink and  sexy with rubies and diamonds so they trust her already their souls corrupted. Because they saw the life and loved it so they put on suits and ties to borrow and steal selling thee American dream which was all a mid night nightmare it seems where a whole nation was founded  formed rooted and raise on lies and schemes where our lives are based on political contracts and things. Where  laws become contractions of freedom  followed up with more detailed restrictions.

Summer Salad Rolls.

RAW is the TRUTH

Eat More Plants.


Simple and slightly sloppy salad rolls. It’s just too hot to cook anything!

I make rolls often and I always have a variety of wraps on hand. No matter what I happen to be using, always know that you can use whatever you have; it doesn’t make a difference! I could have used collard greens or a tortilla and this would have been equally delicious.

I chose to use bánh tráng dêo this time, which are rice paper wrappers. They come dry in a sealed package of 50-100 or so. They must stay dry and out of humidity because they absorb liquid quickly.

To use rice paper wrappers efficiently, have all of your filling ingredients ready and a clean counter for assembling. I usually chop up all my veggies and other filling things and have them ready to go on my cutting board, along with a shallow bowl of cool…

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Do You Really want to change yourself


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WordPress I’m a 22 years old, at 12 i began having  daily chronic migraine headaches. My mother took me to   a neurologist and it seemed that with each new medication prescribed to me i obtained more and more negative side effects and no relief from the migraines. At 15 a was told by doctors that i had  H. pylori which is a spiral-shaped bacterium commonly found in the stomach. The bacteria’s shape and the way they move allow them to penetrate the stomach’s protective mucous lining, where they produce substances that weaken the lining and make the stomach more susceptible to damage from gastric acids. From this time on i struggled threw school and work being sick  almost EVERYDAY , I started reading and researching as much as i could to help myself because i knew the doctors could not help me they had proved that time after time so i when on a journey to self my self. I was 317 pounds now I’m 175 pounds and i dint have migraine  headaches anymore. I was able to start healing myself with nature EVERYTHING i used to help me in my journey for health was NATURE. I owe everything i have to nature I’m here to link up and learn from others on their journey to live better be better and do better and to help anyone i can. 13 love